The Last Five Years (Asia)

Aria Entertainment’s THE LAST 5 YEARS Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle heads on tour to Asia across China and Taiwan in the Autumn 2023.


W/C 25 Sep 2023 TPAC Black Box, Taiwan

W/C 02 Oct 2023  TPAC Black Box, Taiwan 

W/C 09 Oct 2023  Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai

W/C 16 Oct 2023  Shanghai Young Theatre, Shanghai 

W/C 23 Oct 2023 Suzhao Art Centre, Suzhao

W/C 30 Oct 2023  Jinshahu Grand Theatre, Hangzhou

W/C 06 Nov 2023  Tianjing Grand Theatre, Shijiazhuang/Langfang 

W/C 13 Nov 2023  Hangzhou Grand Canal Theatre, Beijing

W/C 20 Nov 2023 Guangzhou Opera House, Chengdu/ Guangzhou

W/C 27 Nov 2023  Shanghai Grand Theatre, Shanghai