Portia Coughlan

28th April – 23rd May 2015 – Old Red Lion Theatre


A ferocious, haunting and beautiful Irish tale by Marina Carr writer of By The Bog of Cats, The Mai and Ullaloo.


Portia Coughlan lives in a monstrous Limbo, haunted by a yearning for her spectral twin brother lying at the bottom of the Belmont river, unable to find any love for her wealthy husband and children, seeking solace in soulless affairs, deeply afraid of what she might do…

Portia Coughlan – Susan Stanley

Raphael Coughlan – Ben Mulhern

Damus – Alan Devally

Fintan – Conan Sweeny

Stacia – Karen Cogan

Blaize – Anne Kent

Maggie May – Veronica Quilligan

Senchil – James Holmes

Marianne – Susan Cummins

Sly – Chris Dunne

Gabriel – Keith Ramsay


Directed by Bronagh Lagan

Designed by Nik Corrall