The Jewish Legends

UK Concert Tour 2016


A celebration of some of the greatest Jewish performers in entertainment history.


Why did American Jews find such success in the world of entertainment? Because they arrived in America in the late nineteenth century with nothing but a gift to peddle. And what better to peddle than a song, a dance or a comic routine.


This show uniquely explores a century of song, dance and comedy with a nod to some legendary performers such as Streisand, Jolson, Midler, Sophie Tucker, Fanny Brice and Groucho Marx. Song writers include Burt Bacharach.


Their songs, their lives, their stories.



Molly Walsh
Kimberly Moses
Martin Milnes
Joanna Lee
Steven Serlin
Martin Neely


Writer – Chris Burgess

Musical Arrangements – Andy Collyer

Director – Stewart Nicholls

Musically Director – Lee Freeman/Freddie Tapner