The Great Jewish American Songbook

9th February and 28th February 2015 – Upstairs at the Gatehouse

6th March 2015 – Radlett Centre


How is it that Jews wrote the musical background to American lives from the First World War to the sixties?

In a land of opportunity, they created a musical world of escapism and romance… and helped invent the American Dream.

The Great Jewish American Songbook explores a century of song, featuring music from some of the greatest songwriters who ever lived. Which famous composers or which famous songs weren’t written by Jewish composers? Not many – as this celebratory show will remind music lovers of all ages.



Jennifer Harding

Jessie May

Grant McConvey

Lee Ormsby


Writer – Chris Burgess

Director – Matthew Gould

Musical Director – Neil MacDonald

Musical Arranger – Andy Collyer

Lighting Designer – Martin McLachlan

Casting Director – Jane Deitch

Production Assistant – Angie Lawrence

Producer – Aria Entertainment