Drag Addict

Written by Matt Cain and David Andrew Wilson
Concept Development by Arlene Phillips


Directed by Jonathan O’Boyle
Choreography by Arlene Phillips


HOME MCR – Manchester



A brand new, “splendifferent” musical full of high stakes, high emotions… and even higher heels!


It’s summer in Manchester. It’s raining (obviously) and on Canal Street storm clouds of another sort are gathering. Club Fierce is under threat. But Dolly Ravage, who runs the club and is the unofficial godmother of the Gay Village, isn’t going down without a fight.


Dolly has a plan to save it from property developers by recruiting six amazing queens to slay the runway and reinvent Club Fierce as the all-new House of Ferocity.


But will the arrival of the mysterious Bobby Carter from America – hiding a secret that could change everything – derail her battle to save the soul of the Manchester scene?


Boasting a handbag full of original high energy bangers, ballads and catchy tunes, Drag Addict is written by Matt Cain and David Andrew Wilson, with concept development and choreography by Arlene Phillips, and is directed by Jonathan O’Boyle.


Drag Addicts combines musical theatre, pop music and drag and creates one fierce, funny, uplifting and heart-warming show!