When Midnight Strikes – A New Musical




A co-production with Penny Rock Productions.

Off-West End Nomination for Best Musical

New York, New Year’s Eve 1999 – the dawn of a new millennium – and Jennifer West’s intimate dinner party for close friends and family begins to fall apart upon the discovery that her husband has been having an affair.   To make matters worse, she realizes that the unknown mistress is one of eleven party guests.  As the hosts confront their unraveling marriage, new resolutions, past mistakes, and an uncertain future merge into an explosive and life-altering evening.

Kevin Hammonds’ book is in turn hilarious and moving, the plot keeping the audience on tenterhooks until the finale. With a score by Charles Miller packed with original show-stopping songs, When Midnight Strikes gives a remarkably accurate sense of the brittle gaiety of a New Year party, with all the tensions so often seething beneath the surface.

Directed by Grant Murphy and Damian Sandys
Musical Supervisor: Christopher Peake
Produced by Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment and Guy James for Penny Rock Theatre Productions Ltd.
Associate Producer: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Associate Producer: Theatre Bench



“This is ensemble theatre at it’s very best… I can sum this show up in one word – Brilliant!”

 “Don’t wait for midnight to strike to get a ticket as they will sell out quick, go and see without delay! Fingers crossed it transfers to the West End as soon as possible…”

 “…the interval conversations in the bar are rife with guesses of who it could be, which just goes to show the power and thought-provoking piece this is.”

 “When Midnight Strikes is a very welcome addition to the London theatre scene, and I am delighted it is here, because it means new writing gets to be performed by a cast and creative team who are there to entice and excite, and audiences are in for treat.”

Steve Stubbs 4* BackStage Pass

 “At a time when the future of the new British musical is bemoaned, it is a wonder that this score isn’t better known. Miller marries a pop sensibility to the rigours of a book musical and has produced something that flows with a vibrancy and urgency through Hammonds’ story, hooking us in with swirling balladry, perky comedic numbers, and a genuine sense of the storytelling power of this form.”

Ian Foster, The Public Reviews 4*

  “…the standard of acting on display would grace (or possibly even be better than) many a West End stage.”

Jonathan Baz 4.5*

 “…a stellar performance… a sexy whodunit”

“Kudos to directors Grant Murphy and Damian Sandys for assembling a great stage team, not to mention a fantastic cast.”

Tiki Chris

 “This expansive cast demonstrates a wealth of talent…hilarious and wonderfully executed”

Isabelle Coy-Dibley, PlaysToSee.com 5*

 “A top-notch cast… acting with naturalistic authenticity… all singing like the angels had blessed them with vocal chords of silk and honey and not a weak link among them…a real treat for the eyes and ears!”

 “The clock’s ticking on this – go see it before the eleventh hour!”

Joe Crystal, One Stop Arts 4*

 “When Midnight Strikes is a well-executed new musical which manages to maintain tension and suspense.”

 “…an intriguing musical with a clever whodunnit structure.”

 “The musical excels due to a talented cast…”

Rebecca Gordon, Musical Theatre Review

 “…the music carries much of the emotion of the piece which is touching, intriguing and sometimes hilarious… a strong cast.”

The British Theatre Guide

                                                                      “For musical lovers out there it is definitely not worth missing”

What’s Peen Seen

“The musical intertwines humour, satire and bitter heartbreak with a dénouement ending.”

“The volume was perfectly pitched and the scenes were choreographed beautifully.”

Isabelle Coy-Dibley, PlaysToSee.com 5*

“If you like your romance wry, with just a twist of bitter irony, then there are few finer shows to be found in London… One can offer no criticism at all.”

Jonathan Baz 4*

“Wilford dazzled as she sang her character’s heartbreak.”

“A great stage team, not to mention a fantastic cast.”

Tiki Chris

“When Midnight Strikes is a really neat package – convincing performances, powerful voices, catchy tunes and flawless costuming”

Pete Stean, Londoneer.com

“Matt Ramplin’s musical direction wisely keeps the orchestra to his piano and Marta Tobar’s cello and together, they create a glorious sound.”

Ian Foster, The Public Reviews 4*

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