The House Of Mirrors & Hearts – A New Musical – World Premiere

Katy Lipson for Aria Entertainment & Perfect Pitch present

The House of Mirrors and Hearts

by Eamonn O’Dwyer & Rob Gilbert

2 July-1 August 2015

Pics: Claire Bilyard

Keeping secrets is a kind of art…

When Anna’s husband is killed in a tragic accident at their home, her family’s life is changed forever. Seven years pass and, torn apart by grief, Anna has drunk herself numb.

Her daughters, Lily and Laura, exist in a world of secrets and lies. They spend their days in bitter silence and suspicion, until Nathan, a new lodger studying the works of a forgotten poet, forces them to confront their past. Tensions within the family build, threatening to shatter this already broken household once and for all.

A timeless, atmospheric and intoxicating musical, The House of Mirrors and Hearts is a contemporary British story about a dysfunctional family haunted by their past.

Director Ryan McBryde
Musical Director David Randall
Set and Costume Designer David Woodhead
Sound Designer Leigh Davies
Lighting Designer Matt Haskins

Developed & Licensed by Perfect Pitch

London Theatre 1 – 5*

“The whole performance had a flow that worked and kept your attention throughout.”

“Should you go and see this? YES!”

“Without a doubt the best production I have seen this year and the best Off West End production I have EVER seen.”

“You are missing out if you don’t book your tickets right now but I would be surprised if this isn’t already sold out every night.”

Musical Theatre Review – 4*

“The House of Mirrors and Hearts is a compelling piece of musical theatre”

“HOMAH benefits from sharp writing, visceral music and layers of tragedy”

“…a credit to contemporary music theatre”

There Ought to Be Clowns

“ is clear that much love and care has gone into nurturing this piece of musical theatre into life, in all its challenging, angular beauty.”

“..the music emerges as a thing of a jagged beauty.”

“Ryan McBryde’s production is certainly well-earned, mirrored echoes of past and present haunt each scene to make it visually rich.”

The Stage – 4*

“Meticulously constructed psychological thriller complemented by a gripping score and a cast that knows how to exploit it”

“..solid construction, thoughtful character development and a touch of wit to lighten the mood in all the right places.”

“Grace Rowe and Molly McGuire are diversely enigmatic as siblings”

“Gillian Kirkpatrick delivers a barnstorming performance”

“..all the elements here are spot-on, from David Woodhead’s atmospheric setting to Ryan McBryde’s fluid direction that seamlessly knits together the passing of time.”

The Upcoming – 4*

“The originality and pertinence of O’Dwyer’s music is impressive”

“Gillian Kirkpatrick’s voice stands alone…her voice of seemingly limitless power inducing an impromptu round of applause.

“Full of this dangerous sexual vigour and webs of tension ticking like an electric fence, The House of Mirrors and Hearts keeps its cards, and its audience, admirably close to its chest.”

West End Frame – 4*

“The performance of the night comes from Gillian Kirkpatrick as the family’s disturbed mother, Anna.”

“I like that The House of Mirrors and Hearts knows exactly what it is; the show has style and brings something different to the table.”

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