Edward Reid Living The Dream One Song At A Time – World Premiere

Aria Entertainment teamed up with Britain’s Got Talent sensation Edward Reid to create a touring show which ran at the Edinburgh Fringe before embarking on a Scottish tour.

Pick Of The Fringe and Radio Forth Winner Best Fringe Show August 2012 – Grant Stott

Stage Won – ★★★★

Edward Reid is most famous for making the semi-finals on the hugely popular TV series, Britain’s Got Talent, and now he’s dazzling the Edinburgh Fringe. In an honest, frank, hilarious and revealing performance, Reid puts his cards on the table and turns his life’s journey into a thrill of good humour and a glittering mix of pop and musical theatre show stoppers. Although a hugely talented singer, the most outstanding part of this production was Reid’s charming personality and openness. In conclusion a fabulous and truthful account of one man’s life pursuing a dream. I would recommend this show purely as a chance to meet one of the most likeable men on the fringe this year.

Scots Gay – ★★★★
It takes some balls to perform any Freddie Mercury number, as comparisons are instantly made. But Reid does well and it serves to get the audience in the mood. It’s a beautiful tale, one that would raise a smile on the most synical face. Reid is a charmer, impossible not to like, but with the tallent to back up the friendly persona.

The Public Reviews – ★★★★
For here is a performer that is clearly living his dream! Reid enjoys every second of his time on stage and his exuberance is contagious. ‘Living The Dream One Song At A Time’ is unashamedly camp and provides a perfect start to your evening partying at the Fringe…now where did I put my feather boa?



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