Bar Mitzvah Boy – First Revival Production

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Bar Mitzvah Boy – Jack Rosenthal adapted his award winning 1976 TV play (British Academy Best Play Award and Broadcasting Press Guild Best Play Award), for the musical stage with America’s Oscar and Tony award composer Jule Styne and lyrics by Britain’s Oscar and Tony award winner Don Black.

Rosenthal’s hysterical story of a North London family’s anxious build up to their only son’s Bar Mitzvah will resonate with many Jewish families, but this classic tale speaks loudly for any important family occasion – whatever the religion!

Bar Mitzvah Boy was composer Jule Styne’s only London musical. A prolific Hollywood and Broadway composer (Gypsy, Funny Girl, Bells Are Ringing and Gentleman Prefer Blondes), he collaborated with Britain’s own Don Black: (Sunset Boulevard, Tell Me On a Sunday, Aspects of Love – not to mention such classic hit songs: Thunderball, Tomorrow Never Dies, Diamonds Are Forever, The World Is Not Enough, To Sir With Love, Ben and Born Free – for which he won an Oscar).

This brand new production will be the first staging of Bar Mitzvah Boy since the original 1978 London production. For this presentation, Don Black has written new songs to unheard Styne compositions and a revised script has been written by David Thompson, author of The Scottsboro Boys, Steel Pier, And The World Goes ‘Round and the script adaptation of the hit musical revival of Chicago.

“..the eight-strong cast give performances that deserve to take the show back to the West End.”
“At 13 Adam Bregman is remarkably assured as the Bar Mitzvah Boy himself.”
“Sue Kelvin and Robert Maskell are hilarious as his parents.”
“Best of all is Nicholas Corre as mild-mannered Harold, blithely doing a soft-shoe shuffle while shining his prospective father-in-law’s shoes”.
“A lighthearted show – and a terrific night out…”
“The musical version of Jack Rosenthal’s coming of age story gets the intimate production it deserves..”
“Sue Kelvin’s is a marvel – huge, brassy and tender as appropriate…”
“There’s a fine, wonderfully warm performance, beautifully sung, by Lara Stubbs..”
“..there’s a delicious performance from Hannah Rose-Thompson, as Denise, Eliot’s mouthy playground mate..”
“Jeremy Rose is pitch perfect as Rabbi Sherman..”
“..a musical which feels fresh, invigorating and timeless.”
“Stewart Nicholls has helped Bar Mitzvah Boy finds its place in the world..”
“But it is down to Bregman as Eliot, the titular bar mitzvah boy, to give the show its heart..”
“Most impressive in her vocal performance is Lara Stubbs as Eliot’s sister..”
“Kelvin’s larger than life Jewish mother has a voice to match..”
“Adam Bregman who makes a remarkable stage debut as Eliot…”
“Stewart Nicholls’ production flows smoothly and is paced well.”
“Sue Kelvin is an absolute dream as Rita…” 
“Kelvin gives a tremendous performance – it is criminal for her to ever leave the stage.”
“Lara Stubbs and Nicholas Corre bring a hilarious dynamic to the piece..”
“…ensemble of fine actors – everyone fully commits.”
“I can’t understand why it has taken so long for Bar Mitzvah Boy to return to the London stage.”
“…an amiable charmer, with Styne’s melodies sweetly inflected with traditional Jewish rhythms…”
“Don Black’s generously amusing lyrics..”
“..a cast that captures the oddball spirit of this family with palpable honesty in Stewart Nicholls’ chamber production.”
“Adam Bregman brings a knowing mischievous wit and a strong singing voice to the title role.”
“His parents are lovingly portrayed by Sue Kelvin and Robert Maskell among an ensemble of strongly individualised performances.”
“..both delightfully dated and yet timeless.”
“Adam Bregman puts in a cutely confident turn, displaying just the right amount of cheeky chutzpah.”
“Robert Maskell’s Victor is a comic delight.”
“Lara Stubbs puts in a beautifully voiced turn as Eliot’s older sister Lesley.”
“..there’s particularly fine supporting work from Nicholas Corre as Harold..What makes Corre’s work in particular so remarkable is his delivery of a guy who is a complete klutz, yet doing so with a combination of well-crafted acting, fine movement and a stunning vocal presence.”
“There is also a charming cameo from Hannah Rose-Thompson as Eliot’s school friend Denise..”
“..for those who want to discover one of Jule Styne’s lesser known works, it’s unmissable.”
“Bar Mitzvah Boy The Musical was thoroughly enjoyable from the moment I entered the auditorium until the moment I left.”
“..fantastic performances..”
“ in the making, young Adam Bregman..”
“..a fantastic example of what a great musical should be..”




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